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100% Graduation Rate: What’s Next?

100% Graduation Rate: What’s Next? It will be three years this month that the Red Lake Tribal Council passed a resolution supporting a 100% graduation

Why Indian Education?

Why Indian Education? Should there be a special focus on helping Native American students find success in school? Isn’t the quality of education the same

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Find First Day Teacher Success

Find First Day Teacher Success Imagine a teacher sitting at his or her desk in a classroom that isn’t too much different than the classrooms

It’s time for women.

It’s time for women There was a time when women were not allowed to teach school if they were married. Did you know that? There

John Eggers in John Wayne Vest

Who Wants To Be A Cop

Who wants to be a cop? Have you ever stopped to look inside a vacant one-room schoolhouse? I did on a recent trip to Moorhead.

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