Creating Schools For Native American Students


These questions are answered in Creating Schools For Native American Students: 1. What more can we do to help all students find success? 2. Why do we need to create a different kind of school? 3. What are Moon Schools? 4. How can we achieve a 100% graduation rate? 5. What are some specific things educators can do in the classroom?

John Eggers uses 50-plus years in education to help educators realize that we must do something different to help Native students and all students graduate. He invites you to take a look. Miigwech.



Chapters                                                   Page

1. Let’s first talk about culture.                                                              8

2. A Boy Named Harlan                                                                              13

3. We can always eat the bark off of a tree.                           17

4. It’s time for a vision quest.                                                              22

5. Let’s start treating dropouts with more respect.          26

6. Needed: A Return To The Indian Survival Schools     31

7. It’s time to create our Moon School.                            36

8. A School Where Students Succeed                                           40

9. Four Winds Alternative School                                     52

10. Why not?                                                                                                55

11. Hope is on the horizon.                                                             58

Part II: Going The Extra Mile

12. What are your questions?                                                                64

13. What more can we do?                                                                    68

14. A conversation with Charles Grolla                               73

15. A conversation with Susan Ninham                                                 78

16. A role for higher education                                                               82

17. Benefits of a high school diploma                                        85

18. Some things teachers can do now.                                              89

19. Dr. E. Pino and Dr. D. Glines: Moon School Leaders   90

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