Piece of Peace

Have you said your prayers today?
This week I found it  especially difficult to find a theme for my column. I was thinking about giving you a taste of some humor. This is certainly a time when we all could use a good laugh. I could always talk about the progress we are making with the 100% movement, but that now seems kind of unimportant. I thought maybe I could entertain you with a great chicken salad sandwich recipe that I tried this past week. But, that too, didn’t seem quite right when we are all worried about the virus invasion, which is like being at war with an invisible enemy right at our doorstep. Being armed wouldn’t help us defeat this enemy. 
I was brought up in a religious home where evoking the power of prayer was a remedy for anything. I also learned from my Native American friends at Pine Point, Naytauwaush and Red Lake who consistently called upon the Creator when giving a blessing in virtually everything they did.  
With so much uncertainty at home and in Minnesota and around the world it seems only right that we continue to evoke the power of prayer and ask the Creator to take care of us. So, if you are looking for something to do as we stay home and count our blessings that we, thus far, are not victims of this invisible enemy, you might consider praying for these people. We ask the Creator to:
Take care of our doctors and nurses and health care workers who are on the front lines and care for those people who have contacted the coronavirus. We ask that you keep them safe and return them to good health. 
Take care of our own family members here and elsewhere. We ask that you keep them safe and out of harm’s way. 
Take care of all those small and large business owners who are feeling the brunt of this enemy. We ask that you keep their businesses healthy and restore them to their fullest after we defeat the virus.
Take care of all of the parents who now find themselves homeschooling their kids. Give them the wisdom, guidance and patience they need to handle this awesome responsibility. 
Take care of those in leadership. Our mayors, civic leaders, governors and leaders in Washington need your help to make the right decisions that will ultimately mean life and death for many of us.
Take care of leaders throughout the world who find themselves in situations where they, too, need your wisdom to make the right choices. 
Take care of the homeless and those in poverty who have to endure yet another plight. Give them the strength and guidance to ease their suffering. 
Take care of our church and spiritual leaders. They are facing new struggles not only to find ways to bring spiritual help to their people but they also need financial help as they try to keep their doors open. 
Take care of the people in prison, both those who are incarcerated and those who are employed. They are in an especially precarious position. 
Take care of the businesses that remain open and which provide necessary items such as gas, food, hardware, banking and newspaper service so all of us can live as comfortably as possible. 
Take care of teachers at all levels including administrators who are exploring new ways of providing a meaningful learning experience to students who are now at home. 
Take care of those people in third world countries who do not have the resources we have and who are seeking ways to lessen the burden of the virus on their people. 
Take care of all of those social service agencies as well as our fire fighters and law enforcement people who continue to serve those in need. 
Take care of all of those employers who face tough staffing decisions. Help them make those tough decisions with wisdom and compassion. 
Take care of the elderly who are most vulnerable including nursing home patients and those in assisted living. 
Take care of our young people who need to have time to be young. Lessen their fears and worries and help them have confidence that adults will resolve this crisis. 
Finally, Creator, help us to use this experience to come together as one people throughout the world. Help us to not only prevent this from happening again but to find the good in everyone so that we can create a world of peace and harmony without suffering the trauma of war whether it be brought on by humans or a nonhuman virus. Let us all evoke the power of prayer to make this happen. 

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