Articles by Dr. John Roger Eggers

Old School House

How To Fix Troubled Schools

  How to Fix Troubled High Schools   We have lots of troubled high schools in the United States.  It’s too bad the piecemeal help …


A dad’s four favorite words

What are a dad’s four favorite words to say? Unless you are a dad, you have no idea what it’s like to say, “I am …


What is in your business tackle box?

Most fishermen believe in the philosophy that you can never have too many lures in your tackle box. That’s the way I lean because I …


Who is holding your hand?

I recently drove past a hitchhiker who was holding a very young girl on his shoulders and a second little girl by her hand. I …


How to watch a parade?

If you are a parade watcher I know how you can get more out of it. I have, at times, been critical of some parades. …

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