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Native American

Helping Native American Students Graduate

How To Help Native Americans Graduate Native American education has made gains but I was reminded how far it has to go in a recent …

Let's Get Ready To Graduate Book Cover

Don’t Forget To Graduate

Don’t Forget To Graduate If you enjoy interesting stories, you will enjoy this one. I was working at Gallery North a year ago last summer. …

wow book cover

You Can Improve Your Public Speaking

You can be a better public speaker Public speaking can be painful and the goal of this article is make it less painful. It is …

John Roger Eggers Next To Large Image of Billy the Kid

Let your brain help you get “A’s”

Listen to your brain to help you earn “A’s” Your mom and dad tell you what you need to do to get “A’s”. Your teachers …

JC on Log

How Can You Help All Students Graduate

How can you help all kids graduate?  (Kids enter school with lots of challenges. It’s up to all of us to ensure that they stay …

Deer in Field with Hay Bail

Let’s create a college of hope. We can do it!

How about a College of Hope? I know you have talked about this before but how do you get people to become a good person …

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