Homeschooling Tips For Parents – Cope with Covid-19


As we all deal with Covid-19, parents are especially challenged as they homeschool their kids. We hope these thirdy-two tips will be helpful. Be sure to also follow any guidelines provided by your school district.

1. Develop a routine. Work it out with your kids. Stick to it.

2. Reward your kids when things get done. A reward can be
a verbal or a tangible thing. The best reward is when the
child can say, “I did it!”

3. Don’t forget to relax. You need it and your kids do too.

4. Have your kids practice resilience. Don’t give up.

5. If you run out of things to do, have your kids read
something and/or write something. They will use reading
and writing the rest of their lives.

6. Remind your kids to be sure and graduate.

7. Kids will do better when they dedicate their school work to someone. It could be a parent, grandparent, friend, teacher.

8. Identify with your kids some incentives you can use as rewards when they do their studies.

9. Have your kids work with you to develop a routine.

10. Use the phrase “be ready to tell me . . .” For example, “Be ready to tell me what you read.” Or, “Be ready to tell me the answer to this problem.” Or, “Be ready to show me what you wrote.”

11. Take time to read something together.

12. Before the kids begin their lessons, have them select a goal that they hope to accomplish. “For example, “I’m going to do 15 math problems.” “I will read 15 pages.” Hourly, daily or weekly goals are very important. They provide us a target.

13. Continually ask your kids why it is important to know whatever they are studying. The better they can understand the “why”, the more they will be engaged and stick to it.

14. Keep a chart on how many minutes your kids study each day. Kids are in school about five to six hours a day. Be flexible.

15. Every now and then take time to write a thank you note and send it to someone. All ages can do this. It doesn’t have to be a fancy “Hallmark” type note. Kids can make their own.

16. With everyone or most everyone at home, make sure that everyone is doing his or her share of the work around the home. If you have never had a family meeting, this is a good time to have one.

17. Remember that in order to get what you want as a parent, it’s also important to make sure kids get what they want in terms of love, security, recognition, trust, and knowing that you will always be around.

18. When you do or have been asked to give some feedback or comment about what your kids have done, do it as soon as possible rather than waiting. This way it has more meaning.

19. As difficult as it is, try to provide a room for studying without distractions. Try to make it a comfortable room. As you yourself know, distractions can be attention killers.

20. When you give rewards or reinforcement, give it only after something has been done.

21. When talking about the coronavirus with your kids, remain positive. Try to dispel any fears they have. At the same time we all have to be careful. Be honest about your feelings and share them.

22. Rather than a teacher, consider yourself as a coach and your kids are your players or team members. Be a winner!

23. At times you will run into resistance. Things won’t go well. Don’t waste too much time to resolve this. Just move on.

24. Because your time is more flexible, use that flexibility to your advantage. What time do your kids learn best? When are they most awake and alert? Plan lessons at these times.

25. Try to be excited about your kids’ studies as you want them to be. You, too, can show some emotion.

26. Try to plan something fun to do with your kids every day. It might be watching a video, going outside, playing a board game. This is a good time to do some bonding.

27. When kids don’t seem to be getting the lesson, try not to move ahead until they do get it. This would be a good time to contact your child’s teacher.

28. Quiz your kids every day. Merely asking them a few questions about what they learned will be helpful.

29. Promote an “I CAN” attitude.

30. Don’t forget to take time for yourself.

31. We want our kids to enjoy learning and we also want them to graduate from high school. You can be of huge help to make high school graduation the norm.

32. Let’s all pray for all people. Thank you, miigwech.

(Prepared by Project Graduate: 100% Graduation Rate, Dr. John R. Eggers,


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