John Roger Eggers

Sunrise Rotary Presents: Your Mission Matters

A Zoom Meeting for Community Leaders.
October 22, 2020

John Roger Eggers

I am proud to say that I have spent 55 years teaching (1964-2019). I am a former Peace Corps volunteer in Uruguay, taught in Iran and in the inner city of North Camden, NJ and on the reservations of northern Minnesota.  I have been a university professor, high school principal, charter school director and k-12 teacher. I am founder of Project Graduate which has as its goal a 100% high school graduation rate for students, which consumes most of my time as well as writing.  To this end I serve as a volunteer for the Red Lake Nation and serve as a board member for the Voyageurs Expeditionary Charter School. With my wife, Kathy, we live on the shores of Lake Julia, north  of Bemidji, MN.  Thanks for supporting our 100% movement. Together we can make it happen.

Hear John discuss a 100% graduation rate. (recorded: 1/25/21)
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